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D 8.2


D 8.2


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D 1.0 General information

D 1.2 Batten System Information

D 8.2 Specifier's Information

D 8.2.1 Laying Instruction


Junckers UnoBAT 62+ Sports Floor System is based on 22 mm solid boards nailed to a resilient subfloor of one layer of prefabricated battens. The floor system is an area elastic type of sports floor with high shock absorbency and elasticity suitable in multi-purpose sports halls as well as for Squash. The floor system is normally used on an unlevelled subfloor and comes with clip-on wedges (J-Lock Wedges) for easy levelling of the floor system.

Construction height using the J-Lock Wedge: From 82-109mm.
Packing blocks that can be clipped to the underside of the J-lock wedges are available in a variety of thicknesses (20, 30, 40, 50mm) to easily increase the height of the floor system if required. Don´t use more than 2 packing blocks under each wedge.

Lowest possible construction height (62mm) is obtained by using a J-lock element without the adjustable J-Lock Wedge.

The sports floor system fully conforms to EN 14904:A4.

Please note that full documentation of a floor system comprises the data in D 1.0, D 1.2, D 8.2 and D 8.2.1, see Fig. 1.


22 mm solid boards nailed to a substructure of prefabricated battens. Manufactured as a single layer structure of 25.5 x 60 mm veneered battens with 12 mm shock pads premounted in a recess at the underside of the batten at the packing points. Before laying out the battens, the enclosed J-Lock Wedges or J-Lock elements are clipped-on to the shock pads. Batten centres, 336 or 411 mm, is determined depending on the expected sports functional characteristics and/or strength.

If the floor is used for basketball or retractable seatings are to be installed in the sports hall, battens with c/c 336 mm shall always be used. To avoid deflection of the floor along the walls, special battens (Gable Battens), used as starters, are included in the system


The boards are nailed to the battens according to a fixed 10-board rule, see D 1.2.

The boards are laid in a continuous pattern with well-defined distribution of board header joints from row to row of 2 x the batten centres, i.e. 822.2 mm with c/c 411.1 mm, or 4 x the batten centres, i.e. 1345.6 mm with c/c 336.4 mm. In that way that all board headerjoints are supported, see also D 8.2.1.


The UnoBAT 62+ Sports Floor System is tested and approved for below mentioned maximum point loads, in relation to load area and batten centres:

c/c 336 mm:
Diameter, 25 mm: 4.5 kN (=450 kg) 100x100 mm: 6.0 kN (=600 kg)

c/c 411 mm: Diameter, 25 mm: 4.0 kN (=400 kg) 100x100 mm: 5.5 kN (=550 kg) 

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The UnoBAT 62+ Sports Floor System is designed to ensure good technical properties in relation to the expected loads in connection with sports activities.

The load-bearing strength of the system depends mainly on the loading type and load area. Table 1 shows use of the floor system in relation to the load classes in EN 1991-1- 1.
See Fig. 4 for specific point load bearing strength.

For further definition of load classes and types, see D 1.0 - Stiffness and loadbearing strength.

  Loading types
Loading category Area- and Point load Wheel load
C4: Assembly halls for physical activity, e.g. gyms/theatres Approved* Approved**
C5: Assembly halls which can be crowded, e.g. sports halls incl. stands. Approved


* Point load area min. 200 x 200 mm
** Wheel loads, see D 1.0 - Table 2


1 - Boards
Junckers 22 mm 2-strip boards for sport.

Wood species: Beech, SylvaKet, Maple and Ash.

Grades: Champion, Premium and Club.

See also B 2.0

2 - Nails
2.2 x 45 mm Junckers J-Nails.

3 - Unobat 62+ batten system

Battens 25.5 x 60 x 3600 mm, with 12mm shock pads pre-mounted in a recess at the backside.

Gable Battens 39 x 40 mm.
Batten centres, c/c 336.4 mm (336) or c/c 411.1 mm (411).
J-Lock Wedges or J-Lock elements.

4 - Packings
J-Lock Wedges: Are used where levelling of the substructure is necessary. J-Lock elements: Can be used on a flat/level subfloor.
DuoWedges: Are used for levelling of Gable Battens.

By c/c 336: 7.5 pcs. per m².
By c/c 411: 6.5 pcs. per m².

5 - Moisture barrier
Junckers Moisture Barrier, see D 1.2.

6 - Expansion gap at the wall
1.5 mm per metre width on each side and 1 mm per metre length at each end, but both min. 30 mm. Is also required at fixed points, e.g. columns, see also D 1.2.

file_Fig. 2


Net consumption for 1000 m² (Length x width = 40 x 25 m) UnoBat 62+ batten system:

  Batten centres 336 Battens centres 411
Boards 1000 m² + 2% wastage 1000 m² + 2% wastage
Unobat 62+ Battens 2,950 rnm + 2% wastage 2,450 rnm + 2% wastage
Gable Battens 50 rnm. 50 rnm
J-Nails 25,000 pcs. 20,000 pcs.
J-Lock Wedges or elements 7,350 pcs 6,350 pcs
DuoWedges 150 pcs 150 pcs
Loose J-Lock shock pads 100 pcs. (1 box) 100 pcs. (1 box) 
Loose tongues 67 pcs (5 bags)  67 pcs (5 bags) 
Moisture Barrier 1000 m² + 15% wastage 1000 m² + 15% wastage
Header joint adhesive 3 bottles (3 x 0.75 litre)  3 bottles (3 x 0.75 litre)