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Junckers Liquid Moisture Barrier
Commercial / Residential

H 6.5


H 6.5



Junckers Liquid Moisture Barrier is a 1-component Liquid moisture barrier, which can be used against residual moisture in new concrete constructions. It is also suitable against too high moisture content in existing concrete constructions.

Junckers Liquid Moisture Barrier is used on sub floors with moisture content higher than recommended when gluing down Junckers flooring.

On Anhydrite and asphalt based subfloors, Junckers Liquid Moisture Barrier is applied in just one coat, approx. 120 g/m2, as a primer to achieve sufficient adhesion between subfloor and glue.

Junckers Liquid Moisture Barrier is applied in one coat as primer to strengthen abraded concrete edges and existing adhesive residues.

Please note that Junckers Liquid Moisture Barrier cannot be used against constant rising moisture.

As measuring moisture can be extremely difficult, we recommend that Junckers technical service should be contacted in case of any doubts using this product.


Product: Polyurethane resin.

EMICODE according to GEV: EC1 PLUS R

Package sizes: 5 kg. Covers approx. 22 m2 as moisture barrier and 40 m2 as primer.

Consumption: approx. 220 g/m2 applied in two coats and 120 g/m2 applied in one coat.

Colour: Blue.

Consistency: Thin liquid.

Drying time: 40-50 minutes, depending on temperature, relative humidity and humidity content in the subfloor.

Working conditions:
Sub floor temperature: min. 15° C
Room temperature: min. 18° C
Relative humidity: max. 70% RH

Storage: Lasts for minimum 12 month if unopened. Not to be stored below 5° C.

Cleaning: Tools are disposed after use.


The subfloor has to be permanently dry, max residual moisture content of 95% RH (in case of underfloor heating max. 85% RH), clean, free from grease, dirt and dust.

Vacuum the floor before applying the moisture barrier.

Apply 2 coats onto the subfloor with a short haired roller after following directions:
1st coat: apply 1 coat (approx. 120 g/m²). Leave for dry 40-50 min. and max. 24 hours before second coat is applied.
2nd coat: apply 1 coat (approx. 100 g/m²). Leave for dry minimum 1 and max. 72 hours before gluing with Junckers Parquet Glue.

Make sure that the moisture barrier is all dry before gluing down to the subfloor


See Material Safety Data Sheet.